About Us


Our Thanks to Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Jr., without him this program would not exist.

The Hammond Boxing Club Inc. is a non for profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides services to its members. We provide the following in regards to fitness: boxing instruction, both amateur and professional, fitness boxing, weight loss information and tips, and all around health promotion and good nutrition.

The inspiration of the club came from two long time friends with one passion, Dennis Hardesty and Jack Callahan. Part of that inspiration and dedication came from the trainer and the other from the ex-pro he trained. In July of 2008, their journey began. August 14, 2009 Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Jr. presented our club to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony!

Mission Statement

Hammond Boxing Club Inc. was inspired by a need in an underprivileged community where the children, adolescents and young adults needed a place to go to be accepted. It is a safe haven for the inner city kids as well as a conditioning environment for everyone.