NEW at HBC – Specialized training/workout for those with Parkinson’s

“Specialized training for those with Parkinson’s”

PD patients at any stage of the disease are urged to get up and get active – because the benefits of exercise for them far outweigh any of the drawbacks. People with PD who keep their bodies fit are better able to meet the many challenges of the disease. They reduce the impact of symptoms at every stage of the disease, stay healthier for longer and may even slow down the progression of the disease, stay healthy for longer and may even slow down the progression of the disease.

Tremors and rigidity or stiffness of muscles slow patients down and disrupt their balance and coordination. Boxing emphasizes agility, coordination and rhythm which are especially beneficial since they help to maintain the ability to perform complex movement combinations that may otherwise be undermined by PD’s stiffness and slowness.

Dennis Hardesty (the trainer / boxing club manager) has trained champions and boxers all over the world. He understands that training people with limitations have different strengths and weaknesses – just like every champ is not trained the same. The benefits of boxing are huge, regardless of age, gender or level of mobility it is a complete work out of body and mind.

For more information please contact Frank Rumoro (Specialty Coach) via email:

Class Times: Monday – Wednesday – Friday 9:30 AM – 11 AM (Gym is reserved for Parkinson’s training only)

Rates: $48.00 per month, includes access to all specialized classes, use of all equipment (gloves, pads, everything needed to get you started), exercise equipment and weights. Plus access to open gym hours.

Private training is available. Contact for more info.